Commercial Aviation Manuals

Aviation Info Tech produces commercial aircraft operations manuals for commercial air transport operators, based on EU/EASA’s requirements.

Commercial Air Transport operators with EU (and soon EASA) Air Operators Certificates and those who follow local variations of the (European) Joint Aviation Authority regulations, including the UAE and Bahrain.


If you are thinking of moving up from being a private operator to a Commercial Air Transport operation in Europe, it is vital that you contact the CAA immediately.

If you haven’t heard already, the regulatory requirements are being changed and you will be to comply with next year’s conditions. An indication of the changes from (EU)OPS to EASA is seen here – flightstandards-doc-Cross-reference-table_Final-Version

The UAE & Bahrain

Several states follow the last version of JARs but of course tuned to their own requirements. The basics are the same for Flight Operations and Maintenance / Continuing Airworthiness.

For the former, you will require as a minimum an Operations Part A (General) with 14 sections, one of which has 7 major subsections, a Part B, which is type specific and covers amongst other things Normal, Abnormal and Emergency procedures, and Part C which covers navigation matters and aerodrome categorisations and Part D, the pilot and cabin crew Training Manual.

You will also need a Cabin Crew Manual and probably a Cabin Services Manual. Also, don’t forget the Safety Management System, with its Emergency Response Plan, Security Manual, Ground Operations/Dispatch Manual and possibly others not directly connected with purely flying matters.

You will also need for each aeroplane a Minimum Equipment List.

The people who run the organisation must be lead by an Accountable Manager, who like his maim subordinates, Postholders for Training, Fight Operations, Continuing Airworthiness, Ground Operations, will be intervened by the CAA.

If you are new to CAT, it is almost essential that you are your Postholders to attend training course. The JAA Training Academy is a good source.

Aviation Info Tech writes and updates manuals for several CAT operators and has first-hand experience in the UAE and Bahrain.

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