MNPS has died – Long Live NAT HLA

As you may already be aware, North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specification area (MNPS) ceased to exist under that name at the end of January 2016.  The same physical chunk of airspace is now called the North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT HLA).

The granting of MNPS approvals therefore terminated on that date for new applications and renewals, and are replaced by NAT HLA approvals.  Existing MNPS approvals which are held by operators are ‘grandfathered’ until their expiry date (or 2020 at the latest).  To qualify for a NAT HLA approval, the aircraft/operator must achieve RNP(RNAV) 10 and/or RNP 4 approval and request NAT HLA approval on application Form 9531 (for our Bermuda registered clients).

BDCA Approval document Form 9531 will have various options available for NAT HLA and the rationale is as follows:


NAT HLA (50nm separation)        for operators who possess RNP (RNAV) 10, but not RNP 4 approval.

NAT HLA (25nm separation)        for operators who possess RNP 4 approval either as a stand alone or with RNP (RNAV) 10


Please remember that a prerequisite for RNP 4 is CPDLC and ADS C (or B)/FANS 1A or better.