Occurrence Reporting

For those of you on a UK Overseas Territories register, the reporting of occurrences (defined as hazardous or potentially hazardous incidents and defects) has been changed. The details are described in Issue 5 of OTAC 13 Occurrence Reporting, which has been substantially revised.

AIR SAFETY SUPPORT INTERNATIONALApart from making the requirements easier to understand, the main change is the reporting of birdstrikes. Not long ago it was changed from using an OT form to following the UKCAA’s system and then changed to using EASA’s.

The requirement now has reverted to an OT form (OT1282), to be sent to your DCA/CAA who will forward it to ICAO’s Bird Strike Information System (IBIS).

Remember, you must also submit an Occurrence Report – all OT registers except Bermuda to use form OT1673. For those on the Bermuda register, use the BCAA’s online MOR from.

For those on the an EASA register, Birdstrike reporting remains unchanged; they are treated as other reportable occurrences by using EASA’s online system

For those on the A6 register, I haven’t been notified of any changes but if you have any new information, please let me know.

Many of you are due an Ops Manual update this year so I will be revising your Incidents, Accidents and Reporting chapters accordingly but in the meantime, for those on an OT register, I recommend that you download a copy of OTAC 13 Issue 5

For more information about the guidelines for Occurrence Reporting, please contact Peter at Aviation Info Tech today