Aircraft Manuals Production

The professional and experienced Aviation Info Tech team produces aircraft operations manuals for private & commercial aircraft operators, especially EASA Part NCC & UK Overseas Territories Pt 125

Aircraft operation manuals are important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they provide pilots with the information they need to safely and effectively operate their aircraft.

In addition, aircraft operation manuals can also help to improve the efficiency of aircraft operations, as they can provide guidance on best practices and procedures.

As a result, aircraft operation manuals play a vital role in the safe and efficient operation of aircraft.

Meet the Aviation Info Tech team:

Managing Director – Peter Magill

Peter has extensive experience in the aviation industry, with well over 20,000 hours flying time, and a varied background in airline management from Flight Safety Officer to Director of Flight Operations.

Peter Magill spent eleven years in the Royal Air Force flying the Blackburn Beverly, Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer and Bristol Britannia until leaving in 1975 to fly for IAS Cargo, Air Europe, Inter European Airways, Airtours International, GoFly, easyJet and flyGlobespan on the DC8, Boeing 737 classic and NG, Boeing 757 and the Airbus 320 family.

Whilst a Technical Pilot waiting for aeroplanes to be ready for post-maintenance and pre-customer acceptance air tests, he started a part-time consultancy writing Minimum Equipment Lists for airline and private clients.

This lead to commissions for other airline manuals, under the requirements of the UKCAA, the JAA and the FAA, which persuaded him to leave full-time flying and expand the consultancy.

His company now has over 40 clients operating on the UAE, Saudi Arabian, Isle of Man, United Kingdom and UK Overseas Territories registers.

He also performs consultancy work for the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority and is an IS-BAO auditor and IS-BAO service provider.

Peter keeps his EASA ATPL licence current on the Boeing 737 NG family.

Patrick Trant – Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness Associate

Trant – Specialists in Aviation Technical Writing

Patrick has worked in the aviation industry for twenty years, having gained a UK issued CAA Avionics Licence, holding multiple aircraft type ratings and now embarking on an MBA having completed the Open University Professional Diploma in Management.

Patrick has previously held positions with FR Aviation, FLS Aerospace, Heavylift Aircraft Engineering, ATC Lasham, Storm Aviation, Astraeus Airlines, Carr Aviation, JCBA and Delmun Aviation.

He is experienced at being a Postholder Part-M, Technical Director, Project Management, Contract/LOI negotiations, Aircraft Lease Returns/Deliveries, Aircraft Records Audit, Oversees Line Station Manager, Avionics Department / Electrical Workshops Manager, Pre-Lease / Purchase Inspections, Certifying EASA Part 66 B1/B2 Engineer, and Part M / 145 Auditing.


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