AIT enjoys the support of first-rate partner and consultants who specialise in a wide range of aviation specialties

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Our staff take pride in creating Aircraft Operations Manuals that provide the very best, most comprehensive coverage and are designed for maximum efficiency and safety of the aircraft operators.

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Our Aircraft Operations Manuals will make sure that your flight is an enjoyable and safe experience.

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Our Partners Include:

  • Flight Planning
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Special Rules Airspace navigation
  • Carbon Emission Trading
  • Quality and Safety Management System
  • Flight Safety
  • FOQA
  • Aviation Security
  • Pilot Training
  • Cabin Crew
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Ground Operations
  • Crewing and Rostering
  • Airline Management

Aviation Infotech work in partnership with  Zürich Jets who offers extensive aircraft management services

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Aviation Infotech work in partnership with Helidecks who provide tailor-made aviation services to the Superyacht industry

Aviation Infotech work in partnership with Qjet who purposes Swiss Quality Aviation Solutions expertise for any registry and any aircraft

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