NAT ASEPS Trial in 2019 North Atlantic Starting 28th March 2019, a new trial will be implemented on the NAT called ASEPS (Advanced Surveillance Enhanced Procedural Separation) using ADS-B in the Shanwick, Gander and Santa Maria FIRs. Compliant aircraft will see a reduction in longitudinal separation to as close as 14 NM. This is not … Continued

UKCAA and Brexit

The UKCAA today has clearly laid out the UK government’s position and the CAA’s plans for Brexit. The Westminster Government has been very clear form the outsit that as the United Kingdom exits from the European Union, the main aim is to ensure maintain transportation connection in support of an successful economic and social links … Continued

Occurrence Reporting

For those of you on a UK Overseas Territories register, the reporting of occurrences (defined as hazardous or potentially hazardous incidents and defects) has been changed. The details are described in Issue 5 of OTAC 13 Occurrence Reporting, which has been substantially revised. Apart from making the requirements easier to understand, the main change is … Continued

Minimum Equipment List from Aviation InfoTech

The Minimum Equipment List from Aviation InfoTech is a custom MEL, designed to your aircraft’s exact specifications. All of the aircraft’s Operations and Maintenance procedures are detailed measures required by law in the MEL to ensure you can operate your aircraft safely with assessed operative equipment. The Minimum Equipment List Training and Policy Manual provides essential training and policy requirements inherent to operating within … Continued

Minimum Equipment List Explained

Aviation Info Tech explain the importance and necessity of a Minimum Equipment List (MEL)for your aircraft A Minimum Equipment List is a document that all aircraft operators must use to earn assistance from The Federal Aviation Regulations meaning that all insatlled equipment featured on the aircraft be operative at flight time. The MEL is a … Continued