Minimum Equipment List Explained

Aviation Info Tech explain the importance and necessity of a Minimum Equipment List (MEL)for your aircraft

A Minimum Equipment List is a document that all aircraft operators must use to earn assistance from The Federal Aviation Regulations meaning that all insatlled equipment featured on the aircraft be operative at flight time.

The MEL is a list that provides, for the operation of aircraft, with particular equipment inoperative prepared by an aircraft operator in conformity with the master minimum equipment list (MMEL) established specifically for the aircraft type.

The MMEL list is established by the company responsible for the type design (approved by the State of Design) which identifies individula items which may be unserviceable at the point of take off.

This can be affected by special operating conditions, limitations or procedures.

Contrary to popular belief, The MEL is not a list of equipment that must be installed and opperational for an aircraft to be considered safe and airworthy. It’s true definition is a list of aircraft equipment that can be inoperable before dispatch.

This means MEL items are only applicable before your flight is dispatched. Once you are in in flight you need to consult the aircraft Quick Reference Handbook (QRH).

By law, the operator must include in the aircrafts operations manual a minimum equipment list which has been approved by the State of the Operator.

This will enable the pilot to determine if a flight may be commenced should any systems or equipment become inoperative.

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